How to Choose the
Right Footwear?


How to Choose the Right Footwear?


The perfect footwear can help you keep your feet healthy while making your physical activity a lot easier and your body safe from injuries. You can be more comfortable and active if you pick a branded footwear for women from a top-notch online footwear store, which fits you well, aligns with your activity kind, is suitable for any issues with your feet and helps you protect your joints, feet, and legs.

How Can Shoes Affect
Your Feet, Legs & Joints?

How Can Shoes Affect Your Feet, Legs & Joints?

Poor footwear purchase can lead to common injuries like shin splints and Achilles tendon pain, ingrown nails, postural problems, corns and bunions, and lower back issues. These injuries may significantly restrict your activities. If your shoes are extremely tight, too loose, or inadequately supportive, your physical activity may put a lot of strain on your feet, lower legs, ankles, and other joints. It is an ongoing pressure that may lead to pain and various injuries.

Picking the right shoes from a trusted online footwear store can help avoid the above issues in the best possible way. Know what may happen when you wear the wrong shoes:

The chance of injury can be high if your shoes are not well-tailored for your activity, the condition, or fitted to your body bass or foot mechanics. For example, there are numerous requirements for beach vs road running shoes.

Wearing the wrong shoe can aggravate existing issues like pain or arthritis in your knees, hips, feet, and ankles.

Your shoes can make a massive impact on the way you walk or your gait. The movement of your feet during every step affects how the rest of your body follows. When you step correctly, your heel should make contact with the ground first. Then the arch rolls inward a little, letting the ball of the foot and then the big toe make contact. Your heel then comes off the ground, which further allows you to push off from the ball of your foot and big toe.

The majority of people’s arches roll inward too much or not enough; either of which can affect how efficiently your feet absorb shock. It can contribute to extra stress on other joints.

Believe it or not, short duration in the wrong shoes can bring a lot of stress and pain to your joints and bones and the soft tissues that support them. For instance, being on your feet for long periods daily as a part of your job.

A few shoe types, including flip flops and high heels, aren't fitted for activity. Keep in mind; the right shoe can help reduce, prevent, or even eliminate foot pain. The lack of pain has an immense effect on how well and easily you walk. So, find the best and suitable branded footwear in India and get active!

10 Tips for Finding
the Right Footwear

10 Tips for Finding the Right Footwear

When shopping for shoes, you need to have more than fashion in mind; you’ll also want to keep in mind functionality and maintain your feet in perfect shape. These 10 major tips can help you pick the right footwear without spending too much:

Get a tracing of your foot with you. Put any shoe you think you might purchase on top of the drawing. If the footwear is shorter or narrower than the drawing, don’t even try it on.

Search for shoes during the afternoon as your feet naturally expand with use during the day.


Keep in mind to measure both of your feet or get measured each time you purchase new shoes. Feet change with age, usually growing wider and larger. If one foot is larger compared to another, purchase a size that fits the larger foot.

If you’re purchasing from an offline store, ensure to try out the shoes. Press softly on the top of the shoe to ensure you have at least a half-inch of space between your big toe and the end of the footwear. It offers enough space for your foot to press forward as you walk. You can even wiggle your toes to ensure there’s enough space.

Wear the same kind of socks when trying the shoes you’re intended to buy.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the width and length. If the ball of your foot is squeezed in a particular shoe, check for a wider size. Getting shoes that are a half-size bigger, but not any wider, won’t certainly solve the issue.

Walk around in the shoes to check how they feel. Is there sufficient room at the balls of the feet? Find the perfect fit branded footwear for men and women from the start.

Check the inside of the shoes to see if they have any tags or other material that can irritate your foot.

Prioritize your comfort level instead of a shoe’s size or description. Size may vary depending on the manufacturers and brands. Regardless of how comfortable a brand claims those shoes are, you should check it yourself.


Make sure to examine the soles. Check whether shoes are sturdy enough to offer protection from sharp items. Do they offer any cushioning? Notice how they feel as you move or walk around. Try to walk on hard or rough surfaces and carpet to check how the shoe feels on both.

Walking VS Running


If you need shoes for walking, check out lightweight shoes and look out for additional shock absorption in the heel and under the ball of the foot. These factors may help reduce heel pain and burning or tenderness in the ball of your foot. The majority of walkers prefer a rounded or rocker bottom on the shoe as they can easily shift weight from heel to toe.


However, if you want shoes for running, and prefer a traditionally-styled shoe, search for overall shock absorption and good torsional strength. These factors may help protect against shin splints, heel pain, stress fractures, and various other overuse injuries.

In conclusion, finding the right size shoe is a necessity as wearing the wrong shoe may present numerous drawbacks. Check out Happenstance’s collection as they are among the best online footwear stores in the current market.