Why are
footwear so popular?


The importance of having the right footwear cannot be overstated enough. The shoes you wear can either make or break your overall appearance. But compromising with the quality of footwear will have you end up with problems such as heel pain, blisters, or living with bandages on your feet. Nobody is alien to the concept of painful shoe bites and touch skin. This makes it even more important to buy the right kind of footwear. A long day of wearing stilettos will have you walking around with pain for the entire week. So why put your own body through such a painful ordeal when extremely comfortable footwear that also takes care of style exists. Don’t believe it? Happenstance, the top-notch online footwear store is here to change your mind regarding the branded footwear in India.

The concept that style and comfort are mutually exclusive has been proven a notion by Happenstance. They offer the widest collection of shoes that are crafted to maximize comfort and look amazingly elegant. The feature that has made Happenstance one of the most popular sources of branded footwear in India are the soles that are designed to provide extra flexibility, better fit, and cushioning. They are extremely light in weight, and you will feel like you are walking on air.

Comfortable Footwear
by Happenstance


This footwear has been engineered in a way that ensures that your foot does not feel hurt or unnecessarily tired all the time. The footbeds or insoles present in it act as shock absorbers while the midsoles and outsoles are sturdy and help in bouncing back after every step. The breathability and grip that these shoes provide are unmatchable. This is the best branded footwear in India for long-wear that does not cause you any discomfort or pain.

A new level of comfort


The material of the shoes is extremely stretchy and is made up of Engineered Knitfit. It bends easily without losing its shape. The shoe properly hugs your feet to provide an excellent fit but also allows it to breathe. The soft fabric of Happenstance shoes goes easy on your skin and keeps you away from dealing with the hurt and discomfort that some footwear can cause. The breathable membranes allow smooth air flow and its deodorizing properties keeps the shoes fresh inside out.

Know Your True Size


Another factor that determines how comfortable you feel in the footwear is size. The size of the footwear has to be perfect to save you from any type of discomfort and mishaps. Happenstance offers a wide range of sizes in their footwear that will perfectly fit you and will have you walking around freely. You do not have to gamble with the size, and you can be assured of getting a shoe that will fit perfectly. Go through the size chart available and find out which shoe or sandals would be the perfect fit for you. Wearing the right size of footwear will provide you with a better grip while walking and will also feel more comfortable.

Comfort within budget

It is quite uncommon to find branded footwear for women that is not only comfortable but also falls within your budget. Happenstance does it both by bringing extreme comfort to you at the most affordable prices. The quality of the footwear matches that of any high-end brand, but the prices make them feel like a steal. The footwear provides a great value for your money by being extremely pocket-friendly and long-lasting.

Choose from
a huge variety of footwear

Versatility is another crucial factor that people have in mind when looking for footwear. There is a huge variety of footwear available in various colours and designs. Women can go for sandals, shoes, or ballet flats that are not only made to provide maximum comfort but also go well with any outfit. Whether you are making a run to the grocery store or gearing up for a party, there is Happenstance footwear to suit every occasion. You can also buy branded footwear for men that perfectly blends class with comfort. The footwear works well with any ethnic or western outfit, which makes it a must-have for everyone. You can wear it with a kurta, saree, trouser or skirt. The elegant look of Happenstance footwear makes it suitable for any outfit.

Easy online shopping

The best part about Happenstance has to be the online footwear store that makes footwear shopping online so much easier. You do not have to take the pain of visiting the store and trying on countless shoes- none of which fits perfectly in the end. There are several size charts available on the online store as per the UK, U.S., and Euro standards to get you the perfect fit in just one go. Plus, nothing beats the comfort and ease of shopping from home!


Happenstance footwear checks all boxes- comfort, style, and affordability. It’s time you ditch your old heels and immerse your feet in a comfortable experience. It is an opportunity to effortlessly style all your outfits without having to worry about any pain or discomfort. The soles of the footwear are engineered to comfort your feet and provide cushiony support that makes it easier to be worn throughout the day. Adding to the long list of benefits, this footwear works well for almost any occasion. Whether it is your best friend’s wedding that you want to dance your heart out at or a routine day at work, Happenstance has got you covered with their wide variety of footwear available at the most reasonable prices.

If you lead a life that has you running from pillar to post, comfort is a critical factor that influences your decision of choosing footwear. While you might have been led to believe that style and comfort cannot go hand in hand, Happenstance is here to bust all these myths for you. You do not have to miss out on the latest trends in branded footwear in India just because you prioritize comfort. Choose from a selection of amazing footwear for both men and women that provide comfort without compromising on style.