The Best Walking
Shoes And Sandals

For long hours of standing
and indoor walking



Shoes have several characteristics that dictate their comfort level. From the longevity of the inner and outer sole to the price of the shoe, one must consider a list of factors before making the final purchase decision. Happenstance is a well-established brand in the footwear industry, serving customers across the nation. Below are some of the key characteristics of their best shoes for walking and standing all day.

Characteristics Of The Best Shoes


Just how any building requires a strong foundation, any shoe must have a sturdy sole. The sole of the shoe acts as the ground framework of the shoe, which determines its longevity, and also its comfort level. Therefore, Happenstance ensures that their walking shoes have a robust, flexible, and yet a soft sole.



The material of the shoes/sandals will range from Vegan Leather, Knit, Micro fibre, Milled Patented Leather, Printed Leather Etc. Since the brand has been in this industry for quite some time, it had gained enough experience of ethnically making their shoes. It ensures all of their material is of high quality and from genuine sources.



Most people make the amateur mistake of buying shoes that don't fit them properly. It's either too big or too small for their feet. Thus, it can hinder their daily activities and can potentially cause accidents. Happenstance manufacturers their shoes in a way that there is an appropriate size for all feet types. The brand has dedicated a page to ‘know your true fit’ in their website. You are assured the most secure fit every time you wear a shoe from this brand.


Buying shoes is an investment like no other, and thus one must ensure that they make a wise one. Shoes must be built of soft yet robust material. Hence, it will make sure it can withstand harsh conditions and rough use. Walking is a comparatively less strenuous task, but this doesn't mean you compromise on the quality. All footwears crafted by Happenstance are durable remarkable longevity.



Long walks, standing, or just walking indoors the whole day can be tiring, especially, when you don't have the endurance. Not many people are aware, but your shoes can play a critical role in enhancing your endurance. The company makes shoes, which have cloud-like cushioning, and the inner sole adjusts to fit the shape of your feet.

Shoes & Sandals for
Long Hours of Standing
and Walking Indoors


Hunk for Men

Sandals should serve the multi-purpose use of looking stylish and being comfortable, and this sandal does just that. Available in 15 unique colours, this sandal has an elegant and sleek design. It gives your feet that extra bounce when you walk, and the soft cushioning makes it less stressful for your leg muscles to stand for an extended period. The secure bootstrap system will ensure that you have a secure fit.


Colt for Men

This slip-on lounge at home v-straps is an absolute favorite in this category. The evidence of this is in the rave reviews given by customers, and the out of stock sign on the website. With premium vegan leather straps and soft cushioning inner sole, this loafer is designed for ultimate comfort. It provides stable support to the sensitive parts of your feet so that you walk conveniently. The footbed is textured to present a better grip while walking, standing, or lounging at home.


Lola for Women

The quick slip-on design of this shoe is what attracts most of the ladies. Available in 40+ interesting and unusual colourways, Lola is definitely the most wanted style from Happenstance. It's considerably more simplistic and convenient to wear and start your day. The Knifit material wraps around your feet for a snug fit. Breathable membranes keep it fresh inside out. The ultra lightweight construction and highly flexible outsole makes them the most stylish and best shoe for indoor walking as well.


Neo for Women

This sleek pair is light on the feet and cradles them while providing the secure grip for every stride. • With no frills, this pair slips on and off easily and provides solid support for your soles. The specially developed double sole with cushioned footbed and super comfortable outsole sums up the ultimate comfort package for your feet.

Happenstance brings to you top-notch quality shoes for both men and women. By being in this industry for a considerable amount of time, it has mastered the art of making your feet look stylish, elegant, and comfortable. Being represented by some of the most successful faces in the entertainment industry, it has arguably the best shoes for walking and standing all day. Go ahead and check out the website to treat your feet with a range of fashionable and comfy shoes.