Are Happenstance
sandals worth
the price?


Let’s discuss foot care, what all steps or routine you follow to maintain your feet soft and pain-free? Warm water with salt soak session or maybe opting for a pedicure schedule every month, or even a massage session to soothe your muscles? In this hectic lifestyle, not all of you put attention on foot care or generally on the type of footwear you buy until there is an issue like heel pain or crack hitting your way.

From personal experience, I’m guilty of investing in footwear off the rack that looks beautiful, ignoring the comfort factor entirely. Of course, I ditched those after a few uses after feeling the discomfort and pain. We all have been there once in our lives, but learning from our mistakes and making the right choice is important. Now, I try to invest in branded footwear in India that is comfortable and causes me no to less discomfort.


My work line demands a lot of physical activity. From driving, walking long distances to running errands, battling traffic, and not leaving behind the dedication and enthusiasm towards my job. Most of my heels have taken the back seat, and flat sandals and shoes are my best friends. I am fond of slip-on footwear and slowly building my collection of different slip-on styles. Since the day I started investing in comfortable shoes, I wear them almost every day and everywhere. From shopping in a mall or supermarket to meeting a friend for a lunch date, I have comfortable shoes for every occasion.

We, women, are always on our toes, literally and as it’s not easy to walk in a woman’s shoe, let’s make it at least comfortable and fabulous. So, say hello to Happenstance footwear where utmost comfort is crafted along with style, trend, and affordability. That’s why I want to share my Happenstance review today.

Here is everything about my overall experience with the brand and the comfort in each piece I purchased from their online footwear store.

Online Comfortable Footwear
Paired With Grace, Durability,
and Affordability

In this review, I have made sure to cover all the important details as per my personal experience preference. So, hopefully, when you buy women’s sandals online, you can consider the trendy and updated Happenstance collection to expand your shoe collection without burning a hole in your pocket. Let’s dive into my honest opinion and review:

Online Availability in All Sizes

Yes, you read it right. Happenstance mixes well with comfort, style, and strength without compromising on the latest fashion trends. The perfect point is you can shop online without stepping out of your house. The ease of shopping online, the excitement of getting the shoes, and seeing that they fit perfectly is unmatched. It’s such an easy task; thanks to technology! Also, I know my UK shoe size, so finding the right size wasn’t that tough. Long gone are the days of worrying whether the shoes you buy online will be right-sized or not. They have sizes according to the UK, US, Euro, and cms. Most importantly, they have size charts that helped me get a perfect size.


Stylish Footwear for
Both Women & Men

When I look for trendy shoes, sometimes my brother helps me out and wants to explore the men’s shoe range too. As they offer online footwear for both women and men, it is a win-win situation for all. So, if you want to buy men’s sandals online for your brother, father, or partner, do check out the vast collection available at Happenstance. I chose a sandal and shoe, and honestly, they are my go-to piece these days. I even got a present for my younger brother, and he loved the v-straps I got!


Affordable Pricing

Honestly, who wouldn’t like to wear trendy, good-quality yet affordable footwear? Some people may consider affordable shoes are not worth investing in, but it’s not always the case. As of today, you can find good quality and durable branded footwear in India without shaking your budget. Pricing makes a lot of difference when it comes to deciding what to buy. All the shoes available on their site are extremely affordable, and the features make it a perfect value for money. Both the pairs I purchased are for Rs 1349/- each. Can you find a better deal with style, quality, and durability elsewhere?

Perfect Fit for Traditional
& Western Wear

In my experience, 2 in 1 footwear is the perfect option to buy. The sandals and shoes go well with both traditional and western attire. Wear them to work and style them with your pants, skirts, kurtas, and even sarees. I mostly wear them to the office, coffee plan, outing, and even for lunch with friends. I don’t worry about mixing and matching my style, and it blends in perfectly with my style.

Feel as Light as Air


No one enjoys a hard sole as it can lead to a lot of discomforts after wearing for a long period of time. The sole and footbed of the shoe are well-designed to frame into the natural and unique shape of the feet.

Even the double sole soaks up shock on impact and firmly grips the shoe to spring back after every step. The materials of the shoe provide the perfect balance of comfort and strength. All the footwears offer adequate arch support and set the feet firmly. Most importantly, the knit fabric allows the foot to breathe despite wearing the whole day. The super stretchy fabric fits the feet for a perfect look. So, no more discomfort, pinched toes, and shoe bites. The well-balanced fit, improved cushioning and flexibility offered in Happenstance’s footwear collection make it easy to walk all day long.

Summing Up the
Happenstance Review

What I expect from my footwear are a few features like comfort, style, affordability, and of course, durability all packed in one. That’s what exactly Happenstance offers! The key ethos of the brand is to deliver a huge variety of footwear that ace it all! The footwears spell comfort with its fine quality soles that offer necessary support to the arch and heel. So, all my foot needs are sorted without spending a lot of money. Time for you to sort your needs and find the perfect branded footwear in India within your budget. Happy shoe shopping!